viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

Change we need right now

Hi Isay,
Yesterday in Charleston, South Carolina, I was honored to accept John Kerry's endorsement of my campaign for President of the United States.

Senator Kerry is a man who knows how much people who love this country can change it.
He is a man of courage, a man of conviction, and a man whose life story has given him an intimate understanding of the kind of change we need right now.

Watch this video from yesterday's event, and sign up now to join our movement for change:

This is a defining moment in our history
Our nation is at war. Our planet is in peril. The dream that so many generations have fought for feels as if it’s slowly slipping away.
We’ve seen the cost of Washington’s inaction and indifference.

The time has come for a President who’ll be honest about the choices and the challenges we face; who’ll listen to you and learn from you even when we disagree; who won’t just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know.
I’ll be a President who finally makes health care affordable and available to every single American the same way I expanded health care in Illinois – by bringing Democrats and Republicans together to get the job done.
I’ll be a President who ends the tax breaks for corporations that ship our jobs overseas and puts a middle-class tax cut into the pockets of the working Americans who deserve it.
I’ll be a President who harnesses the ingenuity of farmers and scientists; citizens and entrepreneurs to free this nation from the tyranny of oil once and for all.
And when I am President, we will end this war in Iraq and bring our troops home. We will finish the job against al Qaeda in Afghanistan. We will care for our veterans. And we will restore our moral standing in the world.

Help me bring about real change that will make this country better for all Americans. Join our movement for change today:

I’m running for President because I believe that the size of the challenges we face has outgrown the capacity of our broken and divided politics to solve them.
I believe Americans of every political stripe are hungry for a new kind of politics.
A politics that’s focused not just on how to win but why we should; a politics that’s focused on those values and ideals that we hold in common as Americans; a politics that favors common sense over ideology, straight talk over spin.
And I’m running because I believe the real gamble in this election is playing the same Washington game with the same Washington players and expecting a different result.
That’s a risk we can’t take. Not this year. Not when the stakes are this high.
Our time for change has come.

I hope you will join John Kerry in supporting my campaign. Sign up now to become part of our movement for change:

For me, change isn’t just the rhetoric of a campaign. It’s been the cause of my life.
It’s what led me to leave a job on Wall Street and take one as an organizer on the streets of Chicago. It’s what led me to stand up as a civil rights lawyer for those who were denied opportunity on the job or justice at the voting booth. It’s what led me to take on lobbyists in Illinois and Washington -- and win; passing historic ethics reform that no one thought was possible.
And it’s the kind of change I will bring to this country as your next President -- not just change as a slogan, but real change; fundamental change; change we can believe in.

Thank you for your support,

Barack Obama
John Kerry For U.S. Senate 129 Portland Street, Suite 500Boston, MA 02114-2014


Dear Mr Barack Obama:

I am a citizen of the Argentine Republic, I was born in 1923, and have always participated in the fight to defend the principles of Liberty and Democracy, here in Argentina, in South America, and in the entire world..
I agree with your politics and moral principles, and wish to join your campaign for a better world and for a Global Democracy.
I'm completely concious that the person who will be elected presidente of the U.S.. will have the responsability of being the virtual president of the entire world .For that reason if I were able to vote, I would vote for you Mr. Obama.

My wife Mary Carolyn Turner , was born in Illinois, USA, in 1927, and she will vote for you if you are nominated in the Democratic Convention , in the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. Many of my friends would do the same if it were possible.

Isay Klasse